Sah Chemical Industries, established in July 2017, is a chemical company to manufacture supplies the chemical products to fulfil the domestic needs of cleaning and washing. It manufactures soaps, detergent powders and other washing and cleaning chemical products.
Sah Chemical Industries is committed to manufacturing those products that meet and exceed its customer expectations in quality, value and innovation. We are customer-focused company to always dedicated to meeting their needs and aspiration in the areas of cleaning and washing.
The company is located at Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan City, which is now the headquarters of Province 2 of Nepal.


Moor light

Moor Light Liquid Blue manufactured and packed by the company gives sparkles to white colour clothes. Compared with other liquid blue products, our products are more attractive and cost effective. It has also very pleasant smell. Once our liquid blue is used, you will...

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Sah Chemical Industries has specialisation in manufacturing washing shop, liquid detergents and other washing and cleaning products.

Here is the list of products manufactured by the company:

  • Washing-up liquids
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Laundry detergents and mild detergents
  • Solid and Liquid soaps